Water, Acrylic & Oil Color Basic to Advance Course

Embark on a transformative artistic journey with our comprehensive Water color, Acrylic, and Oil Painting course. From the foundational principles to advanced techniques, this series of courses will guide you through the mesmerizing worlds of water-based, Acrylic-based and oil-based painting

20 Lecture

2.5 Months

5+ Project

৳ 7500

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Watercolor

Intermediate Watercolor Techniques

Advanced Watercolor Mastery

Introduction to Acrylic Painting

Intermediate Acrylic Skills

Advanced Acrylic Painting

Introduction to Oil Painting

Intermediate Oil Painting

Advanced Oil Painting

Mastery and Personal Projects

Course Fee

৳ 7500

Course will start on 1st January 2024.

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Software that is taught

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